Shopping With Impact

7 Dec 2017

Once you begin to understand just how wide your reach is when you shop, you can start to make a difference through the act of simply buying or not buying clothes.



For the most of us we will always continue to buy.
Unless you've made a radical decision to never shop again, it will happen at some point..
So why not, when we shop, shop with maximum impact?

Two years ago when I started getting into this whole topic, I desperately wanted to shop 'sustainably'. I was always on the look out for clothing that was ethical and beautiful. 
Unfortunately it seemed my options were very limited at the time and often those 'green' eco garments, were just that, green and earthy and not really my style.

Luckily for you and for me the world of sustainable fashion has changed over the past few years, yes it still has a long way to go, however I can happily say there is a much wider choice for us to choose from now than there was. 
I hope over the next few months, to introduce you to some of my favourite sustainable fashion brands. But in the mean time, you can see some of my top pics on Pinterest. 




Not Shopping! 

Of course, finding new places to shop is the exciting bit.
I'd happily be persuaded to buy that navy blue, 100% cotton jumper dress knowing that the money spent will be used to pay fair wages to the workers.
However, for all of us (and some of us especially) there needs to be a radical re-thinking of what we buy and why.


It's estimated that the fashion industry is responsible for
92 m
illion tons of solid waste per year globally
(Copenhagen Fashion Summit's 'Pulse of the Industry' Report - Loved Clothes Last Fanzine)


If one pair of jeans weighs approx 600 grams and there's 1000,000 grams in a tonne... 

That is equivalent to approximately 153,333,333,333 jeans thrown away each year!


Now of course, a lot of the fashion industry's waste doesn't just come from you and me, many fashion brands will have produced waste in off cuts and batch rejects long before their clothes have even made it to the shop floor. However there has to be point when we look at the sate of our industry and say; 'You know what, I think we have enough now.'


We don't need to continually be producing and buying. Clothes should be lasting not disposable. And, until we can rectify the world's clothing - recycling conundrum, it's important that we try and slow down our mass clothing production before we all start to drown in it. 


So how can you help? I challenge you, next time you pick up an item of clothing to buy, to ask yourselves these three simple questions;

Do I love this?
Do I need this?
Will I wear it more than 30 times?

If the answer to all three of these questions isn't yes then put it down and walk away!

It might seem like a trivial task at the time. But every small step we each take in our own lives will add up to a bigger difference in the wider picture.  Plus you might be grateful for the savings you make once you turn away from the 'Just In'  shop signs or even, ironically the sale signs! 


That's all for now! 

Got any questions? Feel free to drop me a comment, 


Charis x




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