Shopping Well!

17 Mar 2018

So we've found out that we can impact the clothing industry by not over shopping. 

However, when we do decided to shop, where do we begin, how do we know who to trust?

One conundrum I face regularly when I come to buying clothes is knowing where to shop. 

I'm not a shopaholic, I can't really afford to be. Having said that, when I do need to buy something new I'm usually happy to spend a reasonable amount of money on it. 


The problem I tend to face, is finding something I like, something that I can afford and something that has been sustainably produced. 


I have spent many an hour searching the internet looking for clothes/ shoes I like and can afford from sites that I know to be reliable.  Though the choice is growing, shopping sustainably is still not as easy as walking into town and having the choice of a dozen shops. 


That being said, I do have a number of 'go-too's that I will always check out first when looking for something new. 


My first top pic is:

People Tree! 



I'd like to start with People Tree because.. well I feel like it's been with me from the beginning. It's the first shop I found that was sustainable through and through, and actually was one of the brands that inspired me to delve further into the issues around fast fashion in the first place. 


So I won't go into too much detail, as the website is there for you to check out for yourself.

But before you do, here are 5 encouraging facts about People Tree that I believe make them a great place to begin.


1) They are well established - People Tree was set up by Safia Miney over 25 years ago!


2) They care about the people - "They work closely with the farmers and artisans they employ in developing countries, paying them a fair wage and building viable businesses that can sustain communities."


3) They care about the environment - "They use natural resources throughout their production to promote environmentally responsible initiatives for a more sustainable future."


4) They are transparent - Take a look on their website, you can find out about the different groups of people that make each item of clothing. 


5) They go above and beyond - "The People Tree Foundation is an independent charity, working alongside People Tree. The Foundation will bring benefits to an even greater number of farmers and artisans through scaling up training, technical support and environmental initiatives and through raising awareness and campaigning for fair and sustainable fashion."



Keep following my next blog posts to find out where else I like to shop! x 











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