Know The Origin

21 Mar 2018

My next top pick for a sustainable place to shop is:


Know The Origin!


KTO is a relatively new clothing brand set up with the aim to create a fully transparent sustainable fashion brand, from the farming of the cotton to the shop floor.

KTO started their online shop in 2016 with their basics collection and have since grown, adding more styles to the collection and more recently hosting their first pop up shop where they were able to sell items from various different sustainable fashion brands. 



Here are my 5 top reasons why I love Know The Origin:


1)They collaborate. As mentioned in the above video, KTO are keen to build an online shopping destination where different sustainable brands can come together and sell their products, and where consumers can learn about the ethical impact and origin of products from around the world. 


2)They don't cut corners. The research team at Know the Origin have spent many months researching and building relationships with their different suppliers, designing products that produce minimum waste.


3)They keep you informed. For each item you purchase you are able to see exactly which factories the garment has been through on it's production journey. Not only that, they have a whole page on their website dedicated to caring for your clothes. 


4)They're moving forward. Not only are they already doing things well, they are always looking for ways to improve. They are investing time and research into finding new packaging solutions and organic fabric alternatives to cotton.


5)They're one of the best! They were voted Ethical Consumer's most ethical fashion brand!



 Stay tuned for more sustainable places to shop! x


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