A Letter About Cotton

16 Oct 2018


Below is a letter template that can be used to ask fashion clothing companies what (if anything) they are doing to manage the damaging mass production of cotton fabric.

Copy the text and insert the relevant names/ information into the sections in bold.
Then email this letter to your favorite store. 


* Consider first, who you're to sending this too. The email may make more of an impact if sent to the head designers and CEO's of a brand than if it's being sent to a store manager*


Dear (insert name) 

My name is (insert name) and I shop at your store regularly.
What draws me to your store is (insert reason).

Recently I have learnt about the damaging effect the mass production of cotton is having on our world and the people who live in the areas it's grown. I have learnt that if nothing is done to manage cotton production, we will start to see more areas of our world become inhabitable and we will see more people suffer from the side effects of using excessive amounts of pesticides.

I would like to do my bit to help reverse the effects of this excessive cotton consumption.  
I can do this by cutting down the amount of cotton clothes I buy and by choosing organic cotton over regular cotton. However, I know that I can't change this all on my own. That is why I am writing to you to see what actions you have lined up to 'do your bit' to make a difference. 

Whether it's through investing money in new infrastructure and technology or choosing responsible production over a cheaper price, together we can reverse the negative affects of cotton production. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I look forward to hearing back from you. 

Yours sincerely, 

(Insert name) 







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