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Hi there, I'm Charis (pronounced Karis), a creator of all things

bespoke, beautiful and hand-stitched. 

There are many different types of embroidery out there.

My specialisms lie in counted thread embroidery techniques such as

Blackwork, and surface embroidery techniques such as Silk Shading. 

I LOVE stitching with colour (my favourite being blue) and I often

find myself incorporating metallic threads and beads into my work.
I make a conscious effort in my practice to only work with natural and recycled materials, supporting other small business whenever possible. 

I love to teach and I'm passionate about using my skills to

make positive strides in the textile/fashion/art world.

Drop me a line if you'd like to get in touch!


I love the gram. If you're interested in keeping up with what I've been doing that's the best place to find out.
That being said, if you're interested in finding out my morning routine or what I had for dinner, it'll be better just to ask.

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