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Follow Charis' three top tips for getting started with an embroidery design.

1. "Use an embroidery hoop or frame."

"Embroidery hoops are a useful tool to use when sewing.
Not only do they help you control the tension of your fabric, but they also allow you to lay your stitches flat, creating a neater design."

Embroidery hoops come in all different sizes, please don't hesitate to contact Charis for advice on the best frame to use for your project.

2. "Master the art of threading a needle."

"Quite often threading a needle can be the most fiddly part of an embroidery project. Whilst needle threaders are useful tools to have, this simple threading trick will help save many hours of frustration. Watch the video to find out more."

It's important to select the right needle for the type of thread you're working with. Please don't hesitate to contact Charis for advice on what needle to use for your embroidery project.

3. "Get rid of the knots to avoid the bulk."

"There's nothing wrong with starting an embroidery project with a simple knot at the back of your design. However, I have found that the more complex the design, the more chaotic and bulky the back becomes."

By using this simple technique, you can minimise the bulk by getting rid of knots altogether. Make sure to create your anchoring stitches in a place that will later be covered.

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