This page is dedicated to the residents of Coventry who have very kindly committed to supporting this new
'Welcome to Coventry' sign venture by taking part in the open call.

Once completed, please send your finished embroidery pieces to:
Welcome to Coventry, Coventry Station, Station Square, Coventry CV1 2GT by the 7th April 2021

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"We are pleased to announce that artists; Charis Kibble & Luisa Freitas along with the Creative Giants (on behalf of Coventry City Council) and in partnership with Avanti West Coast have committed to introducing a new 'Welcome to Coventry' sign at Coventry Train Station for the community of Coventry and it's guests."

Coventry Train Station

The Premise


Our concept for this project is a collaborative, community textile piece. We're asking Coventry representatives to each create a small piece of textile art that will help form the main aesthetic of the sign. The focus of the sign will be on the word 'Coventry' where all the artworks will be displayed and sealed in resin, preserving them for years to come. Our vision for this project is to showcase Coventry from the point of view of the residents, focusing on the personal narratives of the many lives that reside in the city.

This new sign will sit in situ on the Concordia entrance of Coventry railway station and will be introduced in time for the Coventry City of Culture celebrations in 2021. The sign, for many, will be the first thing they see as they enter the city by train and the last thing they see as they leave.  By asking individuals to stitch images that represent 'what Coventry means to them', we hope to bring together the works of Coventry's diverse community welcoming others to our City.


What you will Need

Please stitch your designs using brightly coloured embroidery threads. For example you can use stranded embroidery cotton, wool or glitter threads.

You can also add beads or sequins if you wish.

Your designs should be stitched onto a white background fabric (like a cotton or a linen) and must be no larger than 20 cm x 20 cm. 

What you will need

Choosing your Design


We want you to stitch a design that relates to your personal story of living in this city.
In a nutshell, we want you to introduce yourself to those passing through the station, through stitch.

This could come in many forms; maybe you stitch an image that represents you or your favourite place to go in the city? Or, maybe you stitch an image from your favourite photo taken in Coventry? The sky's the limit, all we ask is that you refrain from including text in your designs (and of course, any explicit or offensive images).

 There are many embroidery templates online that can be used for this project (we have included a few examples below). To transfer an embroidery template onto your fabric; place your fabric over the design and draw over the outline using a sharp HB pencil. You may find it easier to hold the design up to the window as you trace. If you're struggling to see your pencil lines try a darker pencil.

Alternatively, you may like to create your own design. To do this we recommend you draw your design out on paper before transferring it onto your fabric, just to check you're happy with it. Then, in the same way, you can either trace your design onto your fabric or draw it on freehand using a sharp pencil.


Please note: Intricate designs with small details will be harder to stitch than those with larger shapes.  

Choose a pre-made design or have a go at creating your own!


Getting Started with your Stitching

Here are some top tips on how to get started with your stitching.

Framing Up

Threading your Needle

Starting Without a Knot


Stitch Library

Why not have a go at some of these stitches in your design?

Back Stitch

Stem Stitch

Fench Knot

Pistil Stitch

Lazy Daisy

Chain Stitch

Chain Stitch is a textured stitch used to
stitch lines and fill in shapes.

Bring your needle up at the start of the line you would like to stitch, bringing all your thread through to the front of the fabric.

Next, take your needle back down in the same hole you brought it up in, leaving a loop ontop of the fabric.

Bring your needle back up, further along your line, passing it up through the loop you just made. Pull the thread until the loop sits flat on the fabric.

Repeat this method creating a chain of stitches. To finish a line pull your thread so your last loop sits flat on the fabric and create a small stitch over the edge of the loop to secure it in place.

 Top Tip: When creating your loops try not to pull your thread too tight as you will loose the shape of each stitch. 

Satin Stitch

Satin Stitch is a filling-in stitch which allows blocks of colour to be added to your design. Great for small-medium shapes.

Start on the centre edge of your design and create one straight stitch across the length of your shape.

Next bring your needle back up, next to the start of your first straight stitch. Create another stitch across the length of your shape. 

Repeat this method until you have covered one side of your shape in stitches. Then, repeat the stitches on the other side of the shape.

Top Tip: draw inside your shape the direction you would like your stitches to go.

Trellis Stitch

Trellis Stitch is a great way of adding pattern to a design.

Draw a trellis onto your fabric inside the shape you would like to fill, using a pencil.

Stitch over your drawn lines using straight stitches, starting in one direction and moving onto the other.

Stitch over each cross point of your trellis with a small straight stitch to anchor the larger stitches in place.

Top Tip: decorate your trellis with French Knots and Lazy Daisy stitches to add interest.

Thank you so much for taking part, we can't wait to see what you create!
If you have any further questions about the project please feel free to get in contact.